• Lets wiggle!

Carolina. Borned in Colombia but live in New zealand. 19. Fashion is what iI live for. Lady gaga, Rihanna,Cher lloyd, Paramore, Guns and roses and queens is what i LOVE. Follow everyone. Never think that you are not beautiful because the truth is that you are, and someone will always care about you, dont ever think that no one does!, suicide is not the answer. The best make up a girl can wear is her smile. I always smile, im quirky, I like pretty much everything and if you think im normal, well you dont me well enough :D. weed is all day round.

How to feel confident:


-Do your hair up however you like it best
-Do your makeup however you like it best
-Wear the outfit you feel cutest in
-Look in the mirror and go “I’m a sexy mama”
-Walk out the door like you’re ready to fuck shit up

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